CD REVIEW: Young Liars – Homesick Future EP

We are big advocates of homegrown Canadian music – and Young Liars makes us proud of that fact.

Vancouver-based Young Liars released their debut EP, Homesick Future, earlier this week. Their blend of synth, electro-pop sounds alongside smooth vocals and real instruments creates a truly energetic contrast – I am curious on how the tracks would translate to live, but I imagine that it would be a fun show. Each track is carefully crafted and the efforts in the lyrical details pay off.

Upon first listen, it is easy to draw comparisons to bands such as Phoenix, but Young Liars definitely stand out on their own with their sound. I definitely recommend giving the EP a listen, especially if you enjoy synth/electro-pop – you won’t be disappointed.

1. Echoists
2. Colours
3. Navigator Island
4. Marathon
5. Newton, Forgive Me
6. Homesick Future
7. Great Green Light

For more information on Young Liars, and links to purchase the EP, check out their official website.