CD REVIEW: BOY – Mutual Friends

BOY is a duo of two ladies, Valeska Steiner and Sonja Glass, who met during a music class in Hamburg and bonded immediately. The result of that fateful meeting is what became Mutual Friends, their debut North American release available tomorrow via Nettwerk Music.
boy mutual friendsUpon first listen, the album draws towards what can best be described as a stroll along a musical memory lane – there is an essence of joy and reminiscing about the little things that make you happy. “Little Numbers”, one of their most popular tracks, rounds up the peak of the album. The attention to detail in the use of instruments and other sounds in production pay off, as it redirects the listener to a new experience with each track.

The album certainly shows off Steiner and Glass’ musical connection and their penchant for writing catchy and easy-listening pop tunes.