CD REVIEW: Groenland – The Chase

cd_groelandthechaseThe Chase is defined by lead singer Sabrina Halde as “the pursuit of an ideal, the desire to be in constant evolution, our tendency to put ourselves in danger to understand what we’re made of”. The title of Groenland’s debut album seems to hold both a concept and a way of life for the band from Montreal. Groenland is composed of Sabrina Halde (vocals, ukelele, keyboard, percussions), Jean-Vivier Levesque (keyboard, electros, percussions), Jonathan Charette (drums), Simon Gosselin (bass), Gabrielle Girard-Charest (cello), and Fanny C. Laurin (violin).

As stated in their biography on their website, the music of Groenland is ‘warm orchestral indie pop tunes with a touch of electro’ – the perfect description for what the listener is intended to hear. Halde’s resonating vocals layer warmly over the simplicity and the natural sounds of the instruments that the band uses throughout the album. The band highlights their tendencies towards upbeat sounds, which works well for them, but also exceeds in keyboard-based ballads such as in “Our Hearts Like Gold”.

There is a charm to Groenland that is communicated through the songs that the band has created for their debut album, and the band is definitely a positive addition within the Canadian music scene.

Key Tracks: Our Last Shot, Our Hearts Like Gold

The Chase is now available on iTunes, and more information on the album and on the band is available on their website: