ACRONYMS will soon be headed to a Western Canadian city close to you.

With a tour in progress and their debut album SIMPLECOMPLEX in tow, one of the latest additions to Saskatoon’s growing music scene is ready to rock and roll. The band will be supporting JPNSGRLS at The Media Club next Friday March 27th.

ACRONYMS were kind enough to answer a few questions via e-mail.

Q: What was the first song in your memory that inspired you to pursue music?

ACRONYMS: Michael Jackson.

Q: How did the band decide on the name ACRONYMS?

A: We kind of had a backwards approach when it came to a name – the band name was there before the band was and it stuck with us.

Q: SIMPLEXCOMPLEX was recorded live off the floor in five days. What was the most rewarding thing that came out of the recording process?

A: The EP! The process also greatly helped us solidify our sound and song writing process.

Q: There have been a number of bands that have emerged from the Saskatoon/Saskatchewan music scene in the last few years. What is the local music scene like in Saskatoon?

A: The Saskatoon music scene is constantly growing and becoming more diverse, which is bringing positive attention to the province. The vibrant scene has resulted in a couple of our personal faves such as Close Talker and Mario Lepage.

Q: ACRONYMS will be heading on tour shortly, with a stop in Vancouver on March 27th at The Media Club. What can the audience expect from your live show?

A: We’ll be playing all of the songs off SIMPLECOMPLEX as well a few new tracks. Also a lot of leg kicks and hair flips.

Q: What are some highlights of touring through Western Canada?

A: Meeting new people, drinkin’ beer, the mountains and lots of live music!


For more information on ACRONYMS, visit their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/acronymsband.