INTERVIEW: Hollow Twin

It was about three years ago when musical seeds were planted to form Hollow Twin.

It was on a rainy September day when Emmalee Watts and Becky Wosk learned that they had much in common, from neighbourhoods to musical tastes. Fast forward to the present, the duo has become a band that is ready to release their second EP Keepers, with a release show at The Hindenburg on April 26th.

With the addition of drummer Mitchell Williams, bassist Matt Johnson, and Joanne Zoleikhapour on keys and guitar, Hollow Twin continues to build on a bigger soundscape with Keepers, which will be independently released on April 28th.

I had the opportunity to chat with Emmalee and Becky about their early influences, their live show, and what’s coming up this year for Hollow Twin. What was the first song in your memory that inspired you to pursue music?

Emmalee Watts: I think mine was really, really early on – I kind of pursued music since I was five years old. I think anything by The Beatles.

Becky Wosk: Yeah! I was going to say, I remember singing “Hard Day’s Night” when I was four, so I think The Beatles influenced us.

A: So Hollow Twin started off as a collaboration between the two of you. Keepers is the second EP from the band, and it continues to build on the bigger sound that you guys were after. Was there a difference in the way you approached the creating processes of the two EPs?

Emmalee: With this EP, we took a different approach in the sense that we had someone actually co-writing and producing with us, whereas the very first EP we kind of did it as a smaller project. This new one, it had a lot more involved in the creating process.

Becky: We had Winston Hauschild producing and co-writing with us, so that was a huge difference. I think also within the band, Emmalee and I used to live together, so we would just sit at home and just kind of write on the acoustic guitar and just bang them out like that. But now, we conceptualize together and then bring it to the band and then we all kind of work on it together now.

A: I love the how vivid the biography for Hollow Twin is written on your website, particularly the way that rainy September days are described – I just love the wording. What inspires the songwriting process for you guys?

Becky: I write the lyrics. All the lyrics are based from personal experiences and different emotions that are very prominent at that time, and I find that if I’m dealing with something, then it’s very easy for me just to kind of write it down and it’ll come out as lyrics. That’s my process, I think.

Emmalee: I think my process is more… when I write the music for it, it’s basically along the same lines as Becky has expressed in a different way. Usually it ends up I’ll have a few to choose from, and Becky and I will kind of match her lyrics up to whatever…

Becky: We complete each other’s writing!

A: Your release show is on April 26th at The Hindenburg. For those that haven’t seen Hollow Twin live yet, what can they expect?

Emmalee: It evokes a little bit of moodiness. Our newer stuff that we have prepared for this show that’s on our EP, it’s a little bit more up-tempo – I’d definitely say it’s dance worthy. We also have a lot in there that’s more thoughtful and ambient. So it’s kind of a mix of going and being able to move and have a good time, but it’s also geared towards thought provoking and kind of chilling out.

Becky: I think our new stuff is pretty energetic, I would say. So there’s a good mix between dancing and energetic, and then also just taking a moment to kind of listen – there’s a couple of slower songs in there, too.

A: What is coming up next for Hollow Twin this year, in addition to the release of your second EP?

Becky: We are actually applying for the Peak Performance Project, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed on that one! We just plan on playing lots of shows around BC, definitely going to do some on the Island and hopefully in the Okanagan, and then eventually we’re going to do a more extensive tour either to go South or East.

A: If you could narrow down a single message that you would want your music to convey, what might that be?

Becky: I think for me, it would be to go after what you want, and to be strong as a person. It’s a tough question – there’s so much.

Emmalee: It’s interesting – when you’re faced with a question like this, you’re so close to your own creation process and your music that you don’t sometimes see the message as clear as someone outside of the circle would.

Becky: Because you see all the details.

Emmalee: You see inside it, like you see all the details. That’s interesting… yeah, I think what Becky said.

Becky: Yeah, thought provoking and meaningful and just to be a strong, independent person and be in touch with yourself and to go after what you want.


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Photo Credit: Elizabeth McLeod