The four lovely ladies of Little Mix are set to conquer the world.

We had the opportunity to chat with Little Mix ahead of the first show of the Neon Lights Tour with Demi Lovato and Fifth Harmony in Vancouver. We talked about their new album, meeting their Canadian fans, touring necessities, and even got a playlist of their favourite love songs.

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INTERVIEW: Augustines

There are three words often associated with the music of Augustines: anthemic, honest, and emotive.

Augustines consists of lead singer Billy McCarthy, multi-instrumentalist Eric Sanderson, and drummer Rob Allen. The band was formerly known as We Are Augustines, but has come full circle with their name and self-titled sophomore release. The name is a testament to the journey the band has been on since their formation, under the ashes of McCarthy and Sanderson’s previous band.

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INTERVIEW: Fifth Harmony

We spoke with Camila Cabello and Dinah Jane Hansen on the phone ahead of the first show of the Neon Lights Tour and talked about the fans, touring with Demi Lovato, collaborating with Boyce Avenue, and how it feels to be role models.

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INTERVIEW: Sidney York

There is something refreshing about Sidney York.

It might be in how quick Brandi Sidoryk and Krista Wodelet are to admit their band geek pasts. It might be in their use of unconventional instruments such as the bassoon and the French horn on stage. Whether it’s their willingness to write songs about geeky subjects, or in their musical training, Sidney York is definitely a lot of fun to listen to and to see live.

The two lovely ladies of Sidney York are ready to take over the next ten months of your life, musically. Their sophomore release, <3s (Hearts), will be released in five subscriptions, two songs at a time, every two months starting today. The first volume of <3s features the title track, ‘Hearts’ and ‘Electrolove’.

We had the opportunity to chat with Krista ahead of their show at the Biltmore Cabaret last week, and found out what Sidney York has planned for the year ahead, and what you can expect when you subscribe to <3s.

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The life of Phildel has been anything but ordinary, and she uses the power of her personal experiences to create extraordinary music.

As a child, Phildel found herself entrapped in a religious household void of power and deprived of music. Wordsworth put it best: “We will grieve not, rather find strength in what remains behind.” She left home at the age of seventeen to rebuild her personal identity and to develop the musical visions that had been manifesting in her imagination. The result of those visions can be heard in her debut album, The Disappearance of The Girl, the title alluding to her past.

Following a stellar performance in Vancouver last week at CBC Studio 700, I had the opportunity to talk to Phildel about the effect that music has had on her, the most rewarding process in making her debut, and the message of her music.

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#musicmonday Artist Feature – Cat Thomson

With her darkly ethereal vocals and a knack for dynamic arrangements, Cat Thomson is ready to tackle the charts with her debut single, “Sticks & Stones”, set for release tomorrow (October 22nd) on iTunes. The singer-songwriter has been paving her musical path from the moment she started piano lessons at age five to studying opera for five years at Louisana State University on a full scholarship.

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Japanese Girls.

That is, the four-piece band from Vancouver, who signed to Light Organ Records earlier this year and released their hard-hitting The Sharkweek EP back in June. Their namesake was inspired by the energy and stage presence of a post-rock Japanese band, all girls, called Mass of the Fermenting Dregs – in case you were wondering. Those two very words, energy and presence, could interchangeably be used to describe Japanese Girls and their live shows.

Japanese Girls consists of lead singer Charlie Kerr, guitarist Oliver Mann, bassist Chris McClelland, and drummer Graham Serl. The band’s chemistry is quite evident, in their music, in their live performances, and in conversation. I had the chance to chat with Japanese Girls about their humble beginnings, their upcoming record, and their musical tastes.

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INTERVIEW: Daniel Moir

October is a busy month for Daniel Moir, and it has barely begun. Yesterday marked the release of his third independently released album, Monday Morning, and tomorrow (Thursday October 3rd) is the album release party…

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