LOVECOAST, The Electric Owl – May 29, 2015

It is always a guaranteed good time at a Lovecoast show, and last Friday was no exception at The Electric Owl.

Starting off the evening was Vancouver’s own Kristie McCracken who filled the room with her soulful voice. The singer-songwriter recently released her first full-length album, Let Go & Grow and had a lovely vintage-soul vibe to her set. McCracken will be playing a show at the Hard Rock Casino on June 13th.

Vernon’s Paperboy and the Messengers brought a different level of energy to the evening. Described as rock ‘n’ soul, the band rocked both the stage and their coordinating outfits. What certainly tied the evening together was soul, and the different ways the genre seamlessly blends in music.

Nearing the end of their Western Canada tour, Lovecoast brought their signature soul pop sound to the room at The Electric Owl and those attending to their feet. Their set list of the evening includes songs from their debut EP Chasing Tides and a cover of Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back”.